Tuesday, 29 January 2013

poem not written in nineteen seventy seven

someone was in love with someone both
students at the academy
for advanced studies
how to peel an orange
how to look through 77 steel
panels we’d never believed
in the variety of instincts
isolatable under experimental conditions
before / it was an excess
of emotion made all the orchestras bleed
only by then all our emotions
had scuttled away from us & were
playing dressing up games [
in the dark] i love the sensation

of certain fabrics being
buried deep in the earth therefore
we walked by the river
observed the fishermen
turn to snowmen
called out to naked savages
on the decks of submarines
they answered us by executing
absurdist dances entirely conscious
of their absurdistism
sitting at a computer
wondering what to write
every minute or so
a body falling past the window on its way to futurity

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