Thursday, 31 January 2013


A paragraph between the trees
Reminds me of a month
When being in love
Was an unimaginably imaginable destination
Now i sleep until october
And again until february

Later in the film
He buys a gun from an undertaker’s cousin in a pub
Because he loves the boy
Next door / trees blurred through the windows of a train
Carrying him away from his other body
Which is in a different location

Now the situations delay
Each others’ incalculably distant
Echoes / he experiences bullets
Entering his brain
At approximately 3 years before the building
Of the tower block where he & the girl 1st laughed

At the stars so near
They could reach out to snuff
Them out / that’s a new dress
You’re in & i’ve never known
You to wear that perfume
Was the last i heard from them

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