Saturday, 9 March 2013



there are no dreams about language
everyone dreams about language
signifies there is no one to dream about anything
other than dreaming about dreams about language,
dreams that do not exist / official wounds
when i opened the parcel
inside were numerous crows all sound
asleep. does that imply i was in paradise back then?  
lights go on in the high-rises
like fruit oozing
from a dark orchard. ok they’ll tell the rest of the story
“i drank some soup & felt much better
i lay down with my eyes open
& rain poured in & washed me away”  

1 comment:

  1. Hello again Simon... I appear never have told you that I found this poem quite affecting. (But that would not have been the only thing forgot in the meanwhile.)

    In any case, now here's a thing:

    Wallace Stevens: A flight of birds that disappeared from the ruin as we entered the picture / Simon Howard: ((sonnet)) ("numerous crows all sound...")