Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Last century I’ll start translating
a history of mechanical fish
another way to write
with glass scissors every teardrop
miraculously wrapped in rain  
dark lanterns of the high-rises
brilliant buttons on a sleeve
the mechanism of historical fish I’ve
got the page upside down I’ve never been alone
in an aquarium or with someone in an aquarium either
& that’s the reason I fear machines
I don’t fear solitude
I don’t fear fish
or history
I just know a few things
about them maybe they know
a few things about me

The note in biro speaks
another example of untranslatability
a landscape in blurring motion
& those passing through
or alongside in machines
at this point situations
get more urgent our ancestors
throw stones at the sun naturally
the stones fall marginally
short & tumble
down & set hayricks ablaze
their descendants just look on

Maybe knowing a few things about me
as though fire can’t hurt
them & anyway the moon is gliding by

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