Saturday 9 November 2013


the purpose of the machine
was to demonstrate
the purposelessness of the machine


we stand around
amazed, naked,
finery swept from our backs
by the tempest


so savagely
rain falls
on the disappeared house


none of us sleep
which is why we were dreaming
when ...


the purpose of the machine
is to demonstrate
its non-existence;
only the sleeping, dreamless,
creatures that cry out
in the night,
find its cogs & wheels &
starting handles
to be of a beauteous
& straightforward


so gently
rain falls
on the disappearing house

Friday 8 November 2013

after Trakl (loosely)

a creature calls
to another
creature. furniture creaks
nothing a
sleeps / a nowhere
in particular
ditch shivers
wraps itself
around about
for warmth
of cold
some creature (re)calls
otherwise / other funiture creaks
neverything sleeps

Wednesday 6 November 2013


Do you remember the city
we couldn’t enter or exit?
Everyone played the radio so loud
you could hear the gentle breathing of the sky.
(Liable to arrest
at any moment.)
The strangest thing, perhaps, was
fear became almost cosy;
a rustling of rags, a foot
for ever in motionless motion
kicking a window in.
Miles away a meadow,
shivering with the silvering of the moon.
At least that was rumoured