Thursday, 3 October 2013

Another Letter


the strangest things were happening
now we’d written “i love circumstance”
in lipstick on the 2 & a ½ mirrors
in the purloined room.

calm, unobtrusive, weather
gave way to a storm
far out to sea
way beyond our noticing.

1,000s drowned, you managed to save our lives
thanks to the drawing lessons you’d had at school.


the man slept on the couch in the other
room, dead to all worlds. oblivious to
the cold. i suppose it had been quite a party. in the morning our breath in the kitchen
frosted inches from our lips as we made tea.

the man shambled in, offered round cigarettes,
i had a heavy cold & declined.
perhaps he was your lover.
i threw up in the bathroom, so perhaps i had the ‘flu.

it took the authorities days to cut the bodies down. the strolling players continued unperturbed, 
in town to perforn the usual mix of tragedy & farce (so fierce were the reprisals the soldiers ran out of bullets).


1 day i tried on my mother’s lipstick
wondering how it felt. the next day
a pale, greeny sun. a late bee
made its way in through the kitchen window.

(i promised i’d call you later, to let you know how i was.

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