Monday, 19 August 2013

Die fröhliche Wissenschaf

me personally i can’t wait to be Death
Capitalism = being joyous ... crepuscular
reference nonsensicalising
bright sunlit / songs my mother

forgets to deny / the atmosphere
trilling o
o i had a message for you
so sexy was my leather jacket / punk drunk

i have a message for you
empty can super
strength / oldest infant on any planet.
This way for the nosebleed. 

Daniella ate a burger sitting at the window watching the passers by passing in the pouring rain. A beautiful melody from the slow movement of Haydn's String Quartet op. 64 / 3 sang within her brain. Two police 'officers' entered the burger bar, "we're looking for a girl called Daniella with a beautiful melody within her brain." Ominously they databased Daniella. At the cemetery she had remembered her mother's creased skin, her mouth begging for understanding, her soft brown eyes still those of a movie star. One of the police made a walkie talkie call. You are under arrest for thoughts of beauty & sad memories & failing to satisfy the requirements of an economically viable citizen. "I just got up to get her a cup of tea, & she was dead," replied Daniella. "Who?" asked the pig." "Ulrike Meinhoff," Daniella replied. The universe began to snow. The two police 'officers' ate each others' shadows. In Paradise Haydn began to write a new string quartet. 

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