Friday, 10 May 2013


ô mort
bel alpiniste dans l’armure du prince blanc!
Robert Desnos, 'L'Air homicide'

my uncles live over the mountain
the mountain that’s invisible when i give it thought
the thing is these words
are identical to something you wrote in another language
when my aunts were braiding your hair

i don’t start out intending
to speak of these events
long ago & shimmering
like a sweet shop in sunshine in rain
rather i wished to raise the question of truth in popular music

yet the question of the tendency
of dreams to consist
of the contents of an 1859 South Devon & Tavistock Railway timetable
remains forbidden
& the other day i wore odd socks

doctrine of never-ending terror
of universal peace through war
of the virtue of the rich
of the criminality of the poor
my aunts lived over the mountain my uncles are braiding your hair 

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