Monday, 11 February 2013

To Kaja

the strangest thing
about that echo
chamber was when someone
gouged out our eyes
& made of them sunflowers
in a field at night
staring down the stars
I was in a panic
not knowing if I’d learn
to play noughts
& crosses before you
kiss me / I need not
have worried; your sleeves are cobwebs
& your hair a labyrinth of air  

for one season I slept in the hospital
beside my bed wondering
if I’d survive / there’s
something similar in the life
history of a young woman from Estonia
who was climbing
the steps of an apartment
building in Düsseldorf right now
which was to suddenly remember everything
about the last human poet /
if you’d prefer we can simply stand, uncannily still,  
the two of you, looking out to sea, while
clouds swoop low over the waves
& snow falls on ecstatic fishes

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