Monday, 7 January 2013


For an eye-blink lasting 1 minute past
for ever I disputed

her lips with Søren Kierkegaard
when it was either light or dark, mouth to a stranger[’s] mouth

lit by a photonegative sky
so together with Søren

we pirouetted through jewellers’
smashing display cases

grabbing luxury items & making a leap for
it. Meanwhile in a village

hidden from the unblinking eyes
of gods, snow & fog

freezing / the eerie presence
of an inland sea.

]. We have a[n] [un]certain

understanding of the difference between
hallucination & waiting at a bus stop

the weather softening
a sort of silvery sun-haze mouthing unwritten clouds,

wind dying down to a system
of caress. Homicides are on the rise in Milwaukee

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