Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas poem

the car’s lights
make fireflies of rain

& the lights are on
in high-rises

as the wind lullabies them to the shakes
& shivers / fallen from some hell

an angel tries on shoes
a polar bear

in another angel’s dream
wanders supermarket aisles shoplifting booze

& it was a good thing they left the park
when they did, the rain comes down more wildly

in sideways gusts & in the lights
of the car makes

fields of golden wheat
under a soft & placid sky

the pond moves stilly
its surface a mystic writing pad

is that your new winter coat
an airplane blinks in the sky

looking good in heels
& slender throat

the high-rises have wandered away
winterreise / safe dosage


once upon a time an old man
was by order of the authorities
tasked with carrying a box of beards
from the ends of one earth to the ends of another
then one day he sat down by the roadside & tried
one of the beards on for size
& he became a beautiful princess & disappeared

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