Thursday, 29 November 2012

From where to where

We go to feed the squirrels in the park.

Although it is morning a patch of moon lace remains stitched to a pale blue sky.

The squirrels bound and prank for joy of movement, then solemnly turn peanuts in their paws and gnaw.

“O lover, one time you conjure caressing fire, another you turn the world to dancing trees and crimsongold flowers teased by laughing air / ayres.”

We cross the bridge, the river is narratives, the cars on the bridge are my model cars in their big green box only bigger even than that box.

The police clatter their shields.

A horse rears up.

We try to move further back from the police attack.

A woman trips and is dragged away by her legs pleading: “You are hurting me.”

There are drops, splodges, of blood on the street.

Fast forward to Thatcher and Pinochet posing for the cameras.

There’s a vast, deep ocean of blood everywhere to be seen. They sail the blood ocean to their luxury.

It’s getting cold and you help me with my duffel coat.

Fireworks whoop through the heavens, the next day blackened and damp on the grass.

The caretaker for the flats picks them up saying: “It’s for the kids.”

His younger daughter is better at football than me.

The older is too grown up for me; she’s beautiful.

But I love Helena who lives in the flat above us and is yet more beautiful.

The chill skin wander representation category according.

Speak ice, groan frost.

The broken bone wander delirium a-representation the ache arm.

From where to where an invisible writing, from place to place precise snow calligraphy bird claw.

Shivering sun / plastic swing door.

Im Arme der Götter wuchs ich groß (Hölderlin).

These buildings are not nothere either say the silences.

Only permitted access recognition technohumanoidism.

Say tangent piano, refuse to be recognised.

Wrap yourself from being frozen o call them to a reckoning / a wrecking.

Clouds in a moon, clouds as a moon, a moon brilliant, clear.

A fish beneath an iced over lake. 

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