Saturday, 17 November 2012


Pretty girl in one piece bathing costume. Slightly awkward look of someone used to wearing glasses and not used to wearing a bathing costume.

Pam and Dennis (best friends) on a tartan rug. Little white terrier bounding a blur.

Swanage 1957. I’ve not been born, I haven’t died.

Dad behind the lens, Deus Absconditus.

Looks a warm day. The sea in the background palpably Goosebumps colder.

The fifth creature spent all night building an observation platform. Though the room is closed it sways in that Swanage summer sea breeze. I can see the entire world from here, the fifth creature says.

What looks like an apple orchard is stack upon stack of police riot shields. The fifth creature says. Hey, take a look. It’s what’s meant by the Sublime.

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