Friday, 5 October 2012

Feeding Time

"The arms of the first are parallel, the other's arms converge." Meyer Schapiro, Cezanne (on 'The Card Players'). 

some things exist somewhere
meadows in memories a train gliding through its tunnel
then there are specific animals
who stalk the alphabet as it describes itself
until sleepiness turns them into bassoons

the best day i ever had
was at an execution
there were bibles and a food that made me sad
but i was happy, like my non-existent sister on her birthday
or soldiers or stamp collectors

ever since i’ve walked around with a vulture claw-fixed to my scalp
i tried being dead but the vulture just died too
all the while eating my brain
is this an unusual circumstance
or will it have happened before


  1. Great poem like the first line and the bassoon bit... and the non existent sister .. ah.. aye a good poem there young man

  2. Cheers James - kind of you. Much appreciated.