Sunday, 22 July 2012


Do you have occasional yet troubling
dreams concerning the eighteenth century?
The sunlight here’s a smoky blue,
spiders cast enormous shadows your
arms so painfully thin & scarred
by kissing. Look at it from the view
point of a tower carried entire
out to sea. Ladies & gentlemen resembling
large tabby cats wave it farewell with
dewy handkerchiefs, poor
people fall from its turrets sharks
snap them up. Here
a helicopter circles in a sunny sky to which
are stitched lacy clouds. Spiders are merely
shadows your thin arms are glass penny
whistles whereon to play
music of the Elysian Fields.

only are attractable
& that most particular smile
whereat the loneliest
epitome at edging
everyone knows no one receives night
scene moving & remaining
still as silent cinemas so
i was on the steps
waiting & looked at my shoes
how they were dancing never &
looked into the setting
sun & there you were!
beautiful as combed honey
lips paler than your eyes

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