Thursday, 29 March 2012

An die ferne Geliebte

Luminescence , vögeltanz

abstruse . hushabyer .

in evidence slow


burbs & history

of anxiousness , the




cartoon as cosy

land ( i did

this as though i was earlier ) | waste | as .

Hi my name is hay wain

or dr gudrun ,

nothing is the forgotten brow

nothing is the pure desire

& . the sky pale

intensities , stars on the night. absolute ~ depthless.






There are birds on the roof , wire

clawed . birdsong arrives via a small device

planted in memory . then our lips seem to keep

missing their target until

we kissed & laughingly .

Went for a walk . it was warm for the time of year your thin arms bared to dusk . you said how do we get back from here & we ran up the hill & crossed the road to where the bus was pulling out . we jumped up & dusk turned to night & all the lights were on . i could sleep for ever you said , the television in the background on & i kissed my own lips . ( tasting of whisky ) . experiment ................................................................

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