Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Vob: 2 poems


“the estranging gleam of ordinary weather”

called in the police immediately


tapping at the burrow’s mouth

completed language

the estranging gleam of ordinary weather

called the police in mediate lay

trouser press?

zapping art the halo’s shout

conflated ring-a-rose

candy meadow!!!!

“the spelling check is compliant”

wilder less

shaping the borrowed oath

moon-axe; fish-wolf


"The estranging glimpse of ordinary weather"
called the police immediately
the wilderness?
tapping the cavity mouth
closed language
the estranging glimpse of normal weather
police called in to mediate low
trouser press?
zap Art Halo shout
mixed ring-a-rose
candy meadow!
"The spell checker is compatible"
wilder less
shape lent oath
moon-ears, fish-wolf

The second poem is the result of Google translating the first into Swedish & then Google translating the Swedish poem into English.

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