Sunday, 27 November 2011


experience causing The Subject to echo, whereby a building displays terror of humanity.

a sea below us, numberless eyes. & frost on a path & creaking branches.

walls bend inwards, from below a door a light seeming to augment darkness in a room (illusion).

people at sleep. a dog makes its way down a lane, its claws rattling a hard way.

a building continues breathing, as if. in absence of life (simulacrum).

causing The Terror a subject, whereby a building. shockingly naked.

a sea a numbered eye. a frosty path full of dogs, biting. (winterreise. pathos. anti-art. freakery).

above a door loud music as if. direct into the Subject’s mouth from a (source) vomiting back endless rebound. out

a dog sleeps. people make their way down a lane.

a building encloses shadows of an earlier building, then of a field, then of a commons (history).

experience Echo, whereby terror displays humanity. (displacement)

frost on a sea & branches creaking, numbered, obsessive. (necessity)

a seeming light, reduction, minus-life, venom, aesthetic warfare, glittering wires, symphonic. (horror)

dogs sleep. people sleep. peaceful, ominous. an empty lane crackles ghostless. (ghostliness)

a building dissolves to reveal. many bodies, clothed in fire. (discourse. tenderness. nostalgia. buzzard)

no. ()

Im Dunkel wird mir wohler sein

fascinated as she started to sing & everybody just hunched up in fear or/& embarrassment &/or pity or/& hatred &/or the joyousness of her countenance or/& the agony of her voice. science

people make their way down a lane. solitude

Prohibited Area

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