Tuesday, 4 October 2011


in the dark
on the dark
shall re
present landscape

lovely name
āāāāā enshroud
thus penny rust

the stars all
the starlessnesses then

accurate ransom blind
claw minstrelsy


her anniversary of lament approaches. they move children to a forest on stilts. stars shimmer in pools of sugar licking my boots. i am sexy like tarpaulins. i am poor as a chandelier. if you want to fight now say so openly lenin left wing childishness. those children are happy in the forest on stilts. being dead is not so bad. always a train sounds distantly. she can’t take her eyes off her lips. symptoms of addiction. my boots are turning into shepherdesses. their symphonies are influenced by folklore. children wander around forever & a.


strange + terrible animal
cries heard near to the
periphery perpetual & calm
anxiousness a sailboat

a red apple
the words
the words

come from
silence & return to
nowhere wallpaper + rain

on in the darken
in on the darken

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