Monday, 19 September 2011

most vivid images are now drained

Auricular describes the smooth, curved, rippling and pliable shapes that resemble a human ear.

silences .. un.

like birds in trees

& rain & sun & o

the next street.


silent, the birds

on the trees,

when the rain when the sun .,

a previous street .. police talk


wake from a dream in the dream

a world has

disappeared ..

& the world has.


inside a head inside the head inside

a head outside ..

the absence

of silence a closed room makes .. empty .. emptier city ..


not a bird not a tree.

not a city either only.


police whirling


running the street

calling catch & bonnet

london fields

/ riot shields.


running from.

a street.

specimen dream frantic

alley / pyre of comic books


mouths cover mouth

chilly thin blanket

mind your

mind .. laughteringededly.


the beauty

of songs far

in the night .. a

way .. “abyssal. blissful

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