Thursday, 19 May 2011



It was evening & quietness
It was night & knot
Was a maze at day
Beak it was silent
With bird speech
A bolt bold throat
Whistling plenitude plaintive
Is afternoon & knife &
Moon red as
Cucumber a gaze
Fulsome glaze it will be
A sway from terror cage
Brave in straw hat assuagement
Visionary cloak of
In visibility trapping the world
That swims from the words
Wander in a sound
From vanished cities
Uncle’s at the zoo
Uncles ate the zoo


Ripening nectarine
Rippling net terrine
It was a phrase like
The frame calls a picture
Home to its echo
Dark & mossy & cobweb & jingle
Cartoon characters looking for love
Charcoal burner
Wrestling wrestle
Lovers continued to leave their leverets
Still night on stilts
Waldhorn glow thorn
Secretive knuckle
With bracelet & amphitheatre
Render tenderness hieratic
Of tarnished towns
Brave in straw helmet
Clambered out from the dark


The next line is ancient
Sleeps the new light
Slips under the door
Powers continue to
Plush their powers
On the lip of a language storms fail
Tassels & vessels
Wind among the vases
Shooting needless needles
How arrows bow
Wind along a bowl
Rain it’ll mime
Restless sign
Ruin bridge pylon ridge
Melting maze leapt through the blue kite
Bolted gold float.

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