Thursday, 3 February 2011

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The poetry of Department is poetry that is not content to inhabit “the poetic” (aesthetically elevated spiritualised leisure activity): that with the force of its own intensities & in-densities moves ‘out’ on to the street, moves among political spaces (complicating – & analysing complicities – all distinctions between public & private worlds), & lives in the overlap between sound & discourse, music & information. Department poetry is non-departmental poetry. It does not refuse formal exactness (though it troubles a certain ideology of forms as Universals), but it does refuse constraint; it troubles order to deny all attempts at a control order for poetry (know your place). These principles underlie the practice of Department 3. & will underlie the practice of future issues.

Coming very soon - Department 3

Poetry by
Wayne Clements
David Grundy
Catherine Hales
Ryan Ormonde
Posie Rider
Marcus Slease
Tom Watts

Essays by
Marie-Angelique Bueler
Matt Dalby
David Grundy

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