Sunday, 21 November 2010


"your letter catches me as winter catches on"
Harry Gilonis, 'winter night' from eye-blink (veer books, 2010)


creature in unnamed

vessel buying ribbon

mad & woken

hushaby silhouette

says a song memoriedly

ribbons on the rain

sleeping ruin

chewing burnt broth

sent letters to the wilderness

toenails ran

wild henceforth

universally imagined

reel of planets

edged edging edgily


dress like a


edge of an history

was in a dream occasionally

flowerings earwig

returning material

the stranger buries

strange flowers

among [the] cars & monsters

writes copious notes

appears to have known numerology

sudden long-time nudes

high over woodland

where they crawl

[edited 23/11/10]

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