Friday, 3 September 2010


Everywhere acts
“afraid of you”
There is no
prediction of rain

Learning speech
the spidercob
Webbing smooth her
skirt shadings of rust &

Is this day
break or dusk
?Unvisible un

Units “there is n
o prophecy of rain”
& rains in the garden
daybreak & dusk

Speaking on stilts
dearth Webcobbirds at the windowglass

Their breath to the lip of
daybreak or dusk

But this is enjoyable Blind dogs
in the supermarket (allowable)
Look too long up at the sky &

There was a drugaddict in the alley A
long the street you can follow
shadows thrown by clouds Cordoned

That was enjoyable, though Looking long
up at the sky your eyes
burn in With regal appurtenance

They keep kept calling to 1 another
saying This is enjoyable, though
Across the street you can follow blind dogs Your teeth burn

The water tasted of fingers
It is a not uncommon
Somewhat nervousThis is enjoyable

That finger tastes of opiates
This was enjoyable
Dogs will eat that

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