Friday, 20 August 2010


a situation
where naked buildings 1nce
milled their eyes to make
pretty drugs this cloud
reminds itself of a death
happening to no 1
they know the chorale

from early disaster
as the light on the hedge
mills lustre to a depthless
wind cradled
1nce you are in knowledge
[of] the route.

a situation
where the naked bldg.
1nce ground their eyes
beautiful drugs to make
reminds this cloud
to dead that to no. 1
happens oneself they know chorale

of early calamity
since it slightly grinds
rocked wind on the hedge
brilliance to depthless
1nce are you in knowledge
[of] the route.

(the 2nd 'version' of the poem was arrived at by feeding the 1st into a translation 'engine' set to Dutch, & then feeding the Dutch translation back into an 'engine' set to English)

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