Sunday, 27 June 2010

apart dance

insensible & scent
. the incendiary
1nce time orchard, grieved a
gain gobbing treasure
calm hands beneath the rope
deranges musical anguish
whose inordinate deliberateness
contra purpling
moth skies hastened
graciously jailed illnesses
via those flickering
planetary simulacra
lust upon strawberries as theatre i
s to tiny strips of blood.


As it was 1 evening
House of forgotten rooms
Muffled beat of speech on
Some open wind
Ow a pungent echo of sour
Cherries & pvc alligators
Shrugs off her skirt
Dances to the television
Massacre he crams
His stomachs with amnesia
Speaking the languaged
Angels waltz in
On knife stump drive
Around for hour+ seeking a hospital

Revised 29.06.2010. Image: Glass tesserae studied by researchers in the Sussex Centre for Byzantium Cultural History. here

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