Sunday, 11 April 2010


shouting summer is where i’m conflicted
if lost evidence of scrolls rattling crops
fleshy pitch i sleeped only to evidence
some landscape with prairie programmers

always & never resisting aria
of post-operative cash (re-break the limb)
tower strips + klang-klang. metabolic
things i’ll never bereave, the chic eyewear
is transgressive cola & matching
fevered. someone’s hair sends lemon pips flying,
blissful. paratactic not much had moved
the ambulances shuttled from base to summit
She numbered the ladybirds on the brim of God’s hat.


nobody verbals the brackish
soul of it for a motel in cotton
as is wasting seige, tangented
demon finder abruptly mows smooth
downy issuance & frothings

wildly task restitutive
to headstone among sailing
growers periphery's tune

dirty weave; honest juice
toe shovel-in-slumbers

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