Tuesday, 6 April 2010

mi Mi

either sign nor tongue Cursing a
ll ways patcher singshot
scientific skin & scuffle up
on blinkery avenue serious shots
neo-catachresis them planetary dust
Kisses ona hill th’terrorflying
child & its mothers Zip & zap
theatricalisms. porphyric Daylight inside

a potato the seahorse beats a gong
dusty beaks probe dewglobs &
nietzsche’s Toothpick mental
lists. Cant stand to wal
K. bivalent status soluble
Her fingers raw with kissedness
googoobye. a
sleep on A wall in the new old heat


on the clip of its lip
i began to climb.
drip fascist clouds nor 1nce
& it MODEL {modle} takeaway
. clawing a na


Iterative / decoloured
city.clumps of albatrosses break
From this sun called a thing
Then then my armed stomach
Will tread more afraid
Speckles grey&gold&wolfish

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