Saturday, 17 April 2010

last taxi first taxi?

card flowers
torn old tire
moodily cave convex latch
homunculus hugs a dead bridge
several pigeons artwork blissed up saturday
repetition of unique word crisis seraphic aluminium
fuddled moon burns alleyway sky black lagoon crib
who are i reading sombrero juice collected pins rustic
queasy energetics pile pills flaying tower back dig robber’s yeomanry
garlanding meteors suspensive antelope flakes her bright hut robert
not notch north nought hut knout knot note noon
nut seller trips out myriad gauzes lopside autarch
the sentence dotted doubt realigns electric thrones
elegy’s dipso tribunal bowling cape matterhorn
untitled polis fragranced wild strawberried
washing owls hourly crunch
abandoned buildings o
abashed mouths

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