Wednesday, 24 February 2010

toy sonnets

“In the eyes of each other we are nothing but exchange-values.” Karl Marx, Capital, ‘The Fetishism of Commodities’
“baby nose to knee that fun
be a museum” Bill Griffiths, ‘The Train is Dismantled’

giant scrawls | i have the blood projects
miniatures upon | there in a cute
the sunken city re | candle & its throat simultaneous
coiled previous pearl-pig | fascists’ supple glow
stack of succulents | eroto-shusher triangulated
lacy dust drowse | to inview coppice d
cartographies deployed | aze oft time at dead i
by paradisers stash | differential circlet
of succulence | wherein are stitched
reprobate & cling | utilises herons multitude
flame affekt acrobat hears | lookout pasts a place to call
es make street to weep | stripped away feature terror
auratic prequel changeling | wound unimpossible to admire
in raw spike, such dexterity reapers crave.

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