Friday, 26 February 2010

tones nest : near sonnet

reforget & then accursed
& a new name was mine.
those early heads were fine
r than signs.calling it
a respite makes all the lovelier
nests nets.shorn
sequence ingratiate love
less.crucible crumbling yum.ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ
ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ opium eatery.&
intro of incantation
.causes flesh to flash.
lovingly cloisters harvested.
little little beaks.a nameless whose.names is prodenounced.slidingly

us are it as am is
in threadbrain
raw throttle draw
oblate dye rare moon
stamp rattle flown be
etle screw eternal
stuffed catalepsy
administered zo – o
ne.marvellous nude
imperialised(take them & crack their)

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