Tuesday, 23 February 2010

two sonnets

one. ingest & look.
spider on crutch on lily
pad,the wind is full of teeth
.lines of repulsion
intervolve & sputter
no alternative
circuit.clouds above the stars
warped in plastics
developed for use
by the unliving for the dead.
& collusive
tracker device colliding,greasy
it’s only got ½ a freaking head[!]

two. solemn,reverse,broken
inue to revere,slaps at
wispy rails of cruel
hair.at the play
an hushed copyist
bent upon a
violence stuffs the bag into the bodies.
.lands where glassblowers drip
warehoused rainbows.nothing
seduces.is smears of
Lightning,they don’t sp
Eak in realism.they can never be

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