Thursday, 4 February 2010

numbers 16-20

pin test grisaille transit
sector of blood
s situation optative heat
harsh globe & plash
bandaged bass ground
nettle-hasp note beauty
untouchability bathing i
stroll the terrifying
perimeter humane
algorithmic junk

& then there were
similar faultlines in
future analyses
unamazed specific
identification mascot
every closed text
absolute violence
continually traded drive
through nul constellation
of gears & jawbones

peephole charismatic
shock marketeer diktat
kraken oppression
shoulder aflame auto
abyss writhe placard
lonesome impress she
is a quiet day
nor shadowless
thoughts won’t grant
permission requiem

each exhibit chains it to
& tinfoil sunsets he
ascertain these sub
-tactile sub-plus pinned
to inexistences sways
into buddleia &
cobwebbed dance shoe
ribbon spill of
infant guillotine

suitcases disgorging
mustachios logos-gloss
explore the exo-guts
agreement to refine
violence to railway
terminus throat pillowed
syringes fire-rain
a-matter love
its silken toenail &
the trees became eggs

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