Wednesday, 17 February 2010

numbers 86-90

these are li
ves restrict
ed of ∀cces
s ∴corpses
rolling endl
ess termini
that giveaw
ay sweetne
ss billows
& recites

plunder nar
co econom
y failure to
thrive a hea
d dessicate
d wasps un
wraps the b
andages. lis
ten to the c
ylindrical c

ascade, the
effortless s
wing of wi
nd over vac
ant properti
es. rërererë/
x cross-dre
ssing by arc
-lights a sh

ard of inno
cence slash
ing wrists &
now it has
stopped typ
ing is waiti
ng nothing
can disturb
its calm≥≥≥

suddenly i
am dancing
suddenly i’
m asleep. al
l this occur
s so slowly
so unnotice
d pale gree
n lizards sto
ne set in lid

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