Monday, 15 February 2010

numbers 71-75

e u l o g y
real time flask scarred debt belated
egret's agony notturno scatter front
ispiece follow ourselfs fleck saffron
& vomiting enclosure down sale. √. s
o it was tribute plashed into immens
e tubes vegetative stuff, ,,,,,,,,,,
,, pod strrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
extra-repro-seizure buttoned contra

e l e g y
dictions witness primal gloves & thig
h garnish floatable boulevard;; so p
o r a t e
retty n.o flicker in archway ransack
contextual faraway zrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
mmmmmmm gobbets paracletic wanderer
& trashes novelty universal lyric..s
top breathing / start levitation
placebo drone ……………~~~~~~~~~~anonyma

nonymanonymanonymanonym construe dev
icers / baroque ululationist no cont
act days & restitutions. to dooms is
curse them river glide drowthy litho
graph. xarp. pepper, spray,.mirrored
freshets. body hangs inductility \ b
lown asunder appears so young now wa
s a ghosts’. arche | trace. empire v
eiled vampire leopards. a book of ma
idmerms. contact no..ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ soothe

hostage÷≥≥≥≥œœœœœ≥≥≥≥ kaolin. öî;” ug
ly. made one last attempt to comfort
the drowning peroration. this attemp
t failing took refuge in utopian com
bats & devours the survivors. estbl.
biohomiletic basis for marketªªªªªªª
kick-boxing. finery sputtering nostr
ils. subversive sediments. gog & gog
matic marvels points to a resurgence
sectorial zazoom. make bronzes of bi

tty revelations. + she was quiet for
some time then looks out from the be
dsit at the quiet street. there's no
one this way & then someone who seem
s to be lost & she ran out to them &
asked them the way & i lost my key &
had no money in my pocket about me. &
& she is quiet for some time then lo
oked out from the bedsit at the quiet
street. there was no one that way &

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