Sunday, 14 February 2010

numbers 66-70

wards off c
locked sigh
s moon upo
n moon swi
vels & laug
hs fear tra
ps me she d
ries her hair
in the neon

& lakes infl
ate swarm r
no touch no
sight of us
g crisscross
so changed
fingers mos

sy virus. go
from out to
outside a fi
sh dreams i
n the heave
ns herbs &
gassoline ac
tions fram
e his startle
d sound. p

lace liens
slurps univ
erses from
damp effac
e my featur
eless face.
neither cont
inue nor co
rrelate two
unknown s

pecks orb
ital the lo
st went awa
y one pre-
morning sh
ut mouth w
ith glow &
dull fruits l
ast known a
ddress year

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