Wednesday, 10 February 2010

numbers 36-40

arietta no ]furious[
-go panoramic acetate
smithereens torso
hangdog oscillating
hunger & absenteeism &
thereunto cascades of
barricaded apparatus &
elude echt-syndrome the
underworld to kill

glug-glug looted razor
tomb apotheosis
ambassadorial scratch
card’s intervention all
kicks off in bubble-gun
appropriation naïve &
semimetal dashboard
are alien atmospheres
an ear a rumour

sandman strata-sphere
bleeps into her knees
solemn procedural /
edict alternate objects
prevail flight path
cherished statuette its
adjacent prison gag
agglomerate mirror &
instinctual coral
plantation otium fuel

collapses categories
oldest pictorial
ambulance seedlings &
we shuffle & graft our
furs to an atlas ≈ force
lüthy barzex tîop xasasx
lûthy zarebx tïox psaxsä
ûthly braxze xoti psapsa
hûtlÿ zaxzab ïêit pppppp
hut lie gentle cold & apt

angel looming sicked
up bleak & unscary \ scary
contra-flow muzzle
verify there is plague in
the dark sky & turn
about & burn & it’s all
so normal except it’s
happened before & a kiss
sprayed upon a wall
nor revelations

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