Monday, 8 February 2010

numbers 31-35

conversely somatic
defaults they zip
alongside belated comic
book perorations &
scented aniseed her
tongue-shoots traipse the
overpass that
simultaneously mists its
backwash ablaze curse

supra-neuter retrograde
a sizzling prototypical
utensil sparse a-
mysteries & giant’s claw
cyborg violinist void
abstractionist toxins of
bestiary fluke-lore
spookily chained effigy
bridewell butter &
sawdust & petal falls

epochs drip / oxidise
fetish gear crackle open
the damned & i in
his head & saints with
blades through the brain
she drinking tea the
kitchen hot with snow &
her eyes like eyes maybe
abattoirs eyes maybe
abattoirs or robins

lay down upon the damp
ground the ground was
some robins some robins
were strangely white / red
berries on familiarly
red \ white bushes
multitudes of velocity
machines nearby &
work of buildings

sniff the luxuries
captives captured on
closed circuits
captivating noose
& shock lay down did not
sleep lay down could not
sleep pictures of music
kept whirring them moth
head’s death sensations
of insensateness

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