Thursday, 4 February 2010

numbers 11-15

fever cart volcano
disjoin romantic pylons
tesserae vesicle hex the
dethroned these mordant
attendees bait those
tapes & hang a
lifelong’s hooded
fraction his acrobat
logjam palliative
inglenook doll’s horse

that faraway miraculous
detail at closer grin la-la
features goodly slum &
godlike patch crease bed
souvenirs so it’s a
thursday & expiation
sublimi-nil disfiguration
centres parodic spider
rasp exclusion litany
process /

\ us hushaby disaster’s
movie disappearanced
retro-occurrence occurs
time of asking his
dreams were as they are
descriptive of feeding
beneath sleek herbs
anchorite blotch-mirror
underbellies lozenge
moon immunity

baroque poverty cornucopia
unit vehemence isolation
these monsters who
undisguised as
speculative birdcage
buzz ritual halfway
hypnosis float latex
police conflate saffron
seaside conjurations
days of ready corpse

those innocents &
reparation thought it not
as poetry as prose not as
prose as switch the lung
to taste the air & phrase
into singsong pre-pre
-echo firing a revolver into
the radiant crowd
resembles nothing so
much as infinite

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